Constantin Tutu

Constantin Tutu was born on 9 February 1987 in Bacioi, Chisinau. He has been a member of the parliament since 29 December 2014 and is known as a fighter of martial arts, Muay Thai and kickboxing.

In the autumn of 2014, Constantin Tutu became a member of the Democratic Party and in the parliamentary elections of 2014, he was number 13 on the list of candidates from the Democratic Party.

Nicolae Timofti

Nicolae Timofti is an independent president, who has never been backed by any political party.

His family was deported to Siberia during the Soviet regime.  Nicolae Timofti was born on 22 December 1948 in the village of Ciutuleşti, Soroca. In 1964, he finished school in Floreşti.  In...

Adela Andronic

Adela Andronic obtained a judge mandate in June 2004, and in 2009, she was appointed judge though she did not meet the age requirement.   On 17 May 2016, the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) decided on the dismissal of the judge.

In 2012, Andronic was on the list of "the most incompetent judges". The ranking was conducted by The magistrates’ work was appreciated by ordinary people taking into account...

Octavian Calmic

Octavian Calmic was born on 9 October 1974 in the village of Bardar, Ialoveni district. He is an economist and from 21 January 2016 has been acting as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Republic of Moldova in the government, led by Pavel Filip.

2003-present: Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Management and External Trade, PhD student, research topic: "Mechanisms to promote foreign trade"

2001: Institute for Training and Technical...

Dita EstFarm LLC

Dita EstFarm is a pharmaceutical company in Moldova, registered in 1995 by the famous pharmaceutical businessman Iurie Chirtoaca. It is one of the largest companies receiving public contracts.

The company fully belongs to Iurie Chirtoaca and it appeared in several scandals on the drug market.

Dita EastFarm is the founder of other four pharmaceutical companies: Aquafarm-Group, Farmacia...

Railway and Bus Stations

Railway and Bus Stations State Enterprise started its activity in 2006 under the Ministry of Transport.

In 2005, railway stations and bus stations under the Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure were reorganized by merger into Railway and Bus Stations State Enterprise. The newly created organization...

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