Dita EstFarm LLC

Dita EstFarm is a pharmaceutical company in Moldova, registered in 1995 by the famous pharmaceutical businessman Iurie Chirtoaca. It is one of the largest companies receiving public contracts.

The company fully belongs to Iurie Chirtoaca and it appeared in several scandals on the drug market.

Dita EastFarm is the founder of other four pharmaceutical companies: Aquafarm-Group, Farmacia...

Railway and Bus Stations

Railway and Bus Stations State Enterprise started its activity in 2006 under the Ministry of Transport.

In 2005, railway stations and bus stations under the Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure were reorganized by merger into Railway and Bus Stations State Enterprise. The newly created organization...

Gofma-Consulting LLC

Gofma-Consulting LLC was registered in 2000. It appeared in the media spotlight following an article of, which mentioned that the company was involved in assessing pledges from BEM (Savings Bank of Moldova) and belongs to Gofman brothers.  

Officially, the leader and founder of Gofma-Consulting LLC is Dumitru Taraburca. The real estate company was registered in Chisinau, Botanica district, 51/1 Dacia bd.,  ap. 193. Two other companies...

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