He is a doctor by profession. Since 2009, Gheorghe Brega has held several public positions, including that of deputy of Moldovan Parliament, as a member of the Liberal faction (2009-2015), Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs of the Republic of Moldova (July-October 2015).


1968-1974: State Institute of Medicine from Chisinau, Moldova

1958-1968: Secondary school, Drepcauti, Briceni District, Moldova

 Professional activity

1972-1974: Nurse, Emergency Hospital in Chisinau, Moldova

1974-1976: Physician and urologist- surgeon, Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1, Chisinau, Moldova

1976-1978: Urologist, Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 2, Chisinau, Moldova

1978-1983: Urologist -oncologist, Clinic under the Institute of Oncology, Chisinau, Moldova

1983-1989: Urologist-oncologist, Department of Procto-Urology, Institute of Oncology, Chisinau, Moldova

1989-2004: Head of the Department of Urology, Institute of Oncology, Chisinau, Moldova

2004-2009: Urologist surgeon, "Galaxia" Family Health Center, Chisinau, Moldova

2009-2015: Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

Brega has Served as Acting Prime Minister

On 29 October 2015, the government, headed by Valeriu Strelet, was dismissed by a non-confidence vote, and the next day, on 30 October, Strelet submitted his resignation to the president. Shortly after that, Nicolae Timofti appointed Gheorghe Brega interim prime minister. Brega occupied that position until the election of the Government, led by Filip that is until 20 January 2016.

The Secret of the Former Interim Prime Minister

Back in February 2013, the blogger Dragos Galbur revealed that when Brega was working as doctor at the Institute of Oncology in Chisinau, he was accused of having hit a nurse. Allegedly, the victim was immobilized for a few months at the hospital.

Brega denied the incident, but the submitted documents confirm the woman's story. Moreover, the newspaper Adevarul found the person that had been hit in 1994 by the Liberal deputy Gheorghe Brega. It is Efrosinia Boboc. After the incident, she was immobilized for few months in the hospital and since then she stays at home because every spurt can bring her in a coma. 
The woman is 57 years old and nearly half of her life she has been struggling with a collar that keeps her neck immobilized after that incident.

"The head of the pharmacy had called for me to take some morphine. I went to the eighth floor to ask Olga to help me. We went up in the elevator together. Gheorghe Brega and another person was inside the elevator. The arrow of the elevator showed up and down. I pressed the basement button, where we had to go. He went to the ninth floor. When he came out, he hit me in the face with his palm and told me, 'Why are you playing with the lift?” Ten days later, I lost my speech and I could not stand on my feet, "she recollected.

Efrosinia Boboc.jpg

Photo source: adevărul.md/Efrosinia Boboc

Efrosinia Boboc was transported to the Emergency hospital, where she was diagnosed with acute head trauma and concussion. The victim had been immobilized for several months on a hospital bed and followed a rehabilitation program until 2004, and since then she stays at home because every spurt can bring her in coma.

Gheorghe Brega vehemently denied the incident. He previously said, "It is an aberration. It’s not true. These are lies. I have never beaten a woman in my life. I love women! I wouldn’t be surprised, if they say I am a rapist, or that I had killed somebody."

On the other hand, several doctors, former colleagues of Brega’s, confirmed ex- deputy’s impulsive character and the incident. 

Income statements

According to the declarations, made by Gheorghe Brega, his family owns the following movable and immovable property: an apartment and a garage (1/2 share) in Chisinau, a plot of land (1/2 share) in Dubasarii Vechi, Criuleni district, an Opel Astra. Brega’s family also owns the individual undertaking "Zinaida Brega".

Irregularities identified in the declaration of income and assets based on information submitted

According to avere.md, income and property statements for 2009, 2010 and 2011 contain incomplete information about the properties, acquired prior to the submission of the declaration, contrary to the acting law. At that time, the legislation was confusing and contained inaccuracies that generated practices of selective declaration of properties.

Information about the size and value of the apartment, land outside the city and garage differs in the statements for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Thus, the declaration for 2009 does not include the plot of land outside the city, and that of 2010 does not specify the value and area of ​​the apartment.

Since 2011, the statements did not include villa in Dubasarii Vechi, Criuleni district. Further, he declared only the land in the same locality, with different values ​​in 2011 and 2012. Similarly, since 2010, he did not declare the Volkswagen Jetta that had been listed in the declaration for 2009. In both cases, Gheorghe Brega did not report any revenues from a possible alienation of such property, as required by law.

Until 2013, Gheorghe Brega had not indicated in any previous statement that the family fully owned the individual undertaking "Zinaida Brega ", founded in 2002, although the laws provides for reporting of shares in businesses, including those owned by family members.