He is former director of the National Motor Transport Agency (NMTA), before that Igor Guja was Deputy Director of the Financial Department of Moldovan Railroads (August 2013 - January 2014), and before that - senior officer at the National Anticorruption Centre.

In an investigation, carried out by Clean Moldova (Moldova Curata), Guja said he agreed to come to the DIP for the sake of the team, though he will receive a salary that is several times smaller than that he had at the National Motor Transport Agency, where he had a salary of about 35 000 lei per month.


Igor Guja started to work for NMTA in January 2014 and in 2015, according to his income and property statement, he bought an apartment in Chisinau. It has an area of ​​94.8 square meters and a value of 620 361 lei. This amount exceeds the income of 436 813 lei that he declared for 2014.

Asked by Clean Moldova about this discrepancy, Igor Guja said he purchased the apartment from the salary he earned at the NMTA, which was a big one. He explained the difference between the cost of the apartment and his income by the fact that he had accumulated the money during several years; he also mentioned his parents’ help.