Previously, in the governments headed by Filat, Leanca, Gaburici and Strelet he was Minister of Information and Communications Technologies. He is also Vice President of the Democratic Party of Moldova and the Moldovan press says he is the right hand of the notorious businessman Vlad Plahotniuc.

Professional experience:

1983-1990: Pavel Filip studied at the Polytechnic Institute of Chisinau,

1991-1996: Filip continued his studies at the International Institute of Management,

1991 -2008: Filip worked for the company Bucuria JSC and in 2001-2008, he was general director of the factory,

2008-2011: he was general director of state- enterprise Tutun - CTC

Pavel Filip was Invested with the Powers of Prime Minister at Midnight


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On 14 January 2016, when the President Nicolae Timofti rejected Vlad Plahotniuc's candidacy for prime minister of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti appointed the Secretary General of the Presidency Ion Paduraru as candidate for prime minister. Immediately, the press wrote that his name appeared in Vlad Filat’s case, specifically, in Ilan Shor’s denunciation. The next day, less than 12 hours after Paduraru’s nomination for the position of prime minister, the president of the Democratic Party, Marian Lupu, submitted a request communicating that the party disagree with the appointment of Paduraru and request revocation of the presidential decree, promising that soon they will present a list of supporters of another candidate. Shortly after that, they nominated their candidate for Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, Vice President of the DPM. After a while, Ion Paduraru announced that he withdrew his candidacy for prime minister in favor of Pavel Filip.

 After that, the President appointed Pavel Filip as candidate for prime minister, arguing that he took this decision "following the proposal that was made by the parliamentary majority, consists of a total of 55 deputies". 

The government, headed by Pavel Filip, was voted by 57 deputies out of 101 and it was sworn in after 4 pm, despite the popular protests, held on 20 January 2016. Pavel Filip failed to present his government program and the round of questions and answers was omitted because of the protest and blocking of the tribune by the socialist members of the parliament, who generated a scandal. It was around midnight, when the new Cabinet took the oath in the presence of the President Nicolae Timofti.

Filip - Plahotniuc Relation

The prime minister never denied that he knows the notorious businessman Vlad Plahotniuc. Pavel Filip even said earlier that he knew Plahotniuc for many years and takes into account his advice.

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"We are colleagues. He is First Vice President of the Democratic Party and I am Vice President. You can realize that we work in a team. We’ve known each other for a very long time, since college, we used to be colleagues," Filip said.

"I’d be glad to get advice from him, and from all my colleagues in the Democratic Party, and not only, also from our colleagues in the Parliament, especially from those who formed the parliamentary majority," said Filip, when asked if he would consult Plahotniuc while taking decisions, in case he becomes prime minister.

Prime Minister’s Property

According to his income and property statement for 2014, Filip had an income of almost 148,000 lei from the salary of a minister. There are no companies, registered into his name, but he holds 724 shares in Bucuria JSC.

Filip lives in a luxury house in Buiucani district, Chisinau. The house is registered into the name of one of his two children, now aged 24. However, it is not reflected in the statement of income and property of the executive.


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Moreover, in 2014, Filip reported a revenue of 3 million lei from the sale of a house, after the conclusion a contract of sale on 17 September 2014. The house in Alecsandri Street has, according to cadastral data, an area of just 68 square meters and 2 construction accessories. According to the statement of Pavel Filip, he obtained 3.062 million lei from the sale of this property.