The former model, Irina Baglai and the ex-policeman Vitalie Burlacu, alias "Vitas," who have addressed the SCJ for a milder punishment, have not won the case. The Supreme Court declared inadmissible the appeals of the defendants’ lawyers regarding the Court of Appeal's decision of April 10, 2017, according to which Baglai was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment with execution, and Burlacu to 11 years in the file of bribing the deputies.

The decision of the SCJ in this file was issued on August 17 of this year.


Irina Baglai and Vitalie Burlacu were detained on March 7, 2014, suspected of trying to corrupt MPs from the former pro-European coalition. They proposed to MPs 250,000 dollars to leave the parties on the eve of signing and ratification of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement. On March 13, 2014, the NAC also announced that it has uncovered 500,000 euros in a banking safe rented by Irina Baglai.

According to a statement made by Veaceslav Platon to a Ukrainian notary, the file on corrupting the MPs would have been manufactured at the command of Vladimir Plahotniuc, and Vitalie Burlacu and Irina Baglai would have been unfairly convicted.

The first court had sentenced Baglai to 3 years in prison, after the magistrates recalculated the charge of active corruption in favor of the crime. Burlacu also received 11 years in the first instance with execution. At the Appeal, the three suspended years turned to Baglai into 8 with execution, and in Burlacu's case, the sentence was maintained.

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