After a series of postponements, which delayed the examination of the Șor file for several months, today, August 8, a court hearing took place at the Court of Appeal in Cahul. Several witnesses in the prosecution confirmed the guilt of the mayor of Orhei, although the defenders claim the contrary.

The head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office for Information and Communication, Anastasia Mihălceanu, told CrimeMoldova that seven witnesses were heard, including four accountants and three former employees of Banca de Economii. They would have confirmed the accusations made against Ilan Shor, noting that they acted illegally at his initiative.

On the other hand, one of Shor's defenders told that the witnesses heard today confirmed the innocence of their client.

The hearing in the file was accompanied by the protests of Shor's supporters, who gathered in front of the appeal court and demanded "fair justice, not a televised show".


The next hearing will be held on August 20.

Ilan Şor was sentenced by the first instance court in June 2017 to seven years and six months of imprisonment with execution, being found guilty of obtaining by fraud of over five billion lei from the Savings Bank, which he would have laundered through dozens of off-shore companies.

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