Vasile Munteanu accuses Cantemir prosecutors of covering his nephew Victor Culicovschi, who would have stolen 130 kilos of ceramsite. The court has already order three times for the prosecutors to initiate a criminal case on this matter, and they have repeatedly issued orders not to initiate criminal prosecution.

Vasile Munteanu told CrimeMoldova that he had obtained the construction material after demolishing an old kindergarten bought at auction and deposited it in a building belonging to Culicovschi. He later sold the building and did not announce him, and carried the ceramsite to a village building.

The man claims he suffered a financial damage if 2,800 lei, but spent more in his struggle to hold his nephew accountable.

Contacted by CrimeMoldova, Victor Culicovschi said the allegations made by his uncle are insinuations.

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