A 34-year-old Moldovan man was detained at the Ukrainian border with ammunition for the Kalashnikov gun. The suspect, who is the chairman of a Dignity&Truth party territorial organization, said in a Facebook live, it was a "trap".

The incident was recorded in the morning today, August 22, at the Palanca-Maiaki-Udobnoe crossing point.

The man was going to leave the country with a Dacia Logan car. After crossing the border of Moldova, he presented the travel documents to Ukraine's Border Guard Service. Following inspections by Ukrainian border guards, the ammunition used in the Kalashnikov machine gun was found in a specially arranged place in the car.


In a live video on Facebook, Ruslan Verbitsky, in whose car the munitions were found, says everything is a instigation.

The man said he had received information that the munitions were placed in his car by someone in Chisinau, while the car was unguarded and he was on vacation for 10 days. He also said the cartridges were placed in a hard-to-reach place. According to Verbitsky, the Ukrainian border guards were informed about both the existence of ammunition and the place where they were hidden.

Ruslan Verbitsky's Facebook page mentions that he administers Dignity and Truth Platform, Rascani office.

The man was handed over to the Ukrainian authorities for the elucidation of all the circumstances of the case.

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