A Transnistrian man was detained in Ukraine as the policemen were patrolling an area in Odessa, and noticed that his beard was coming off. The man would be part of a criminal group led by Oleg Reniiskii, who would be hiding in Romania.

According to the press, the detained man would be a killer.

After they noticed that his beard was coming off, the law enforcement officials searched the man, detecting a Makarov model pistol, several bullets and a Moldovan passport.

killer barba

The man was in an operation.

The information was communicated by Deputy Chief of the National Police of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Abroskin, on his facebook page.

Abroskin also wrote that by detaining this "foreign killer" who had come to Odessa at the orders of Oleg Reniischii, the Ukrainian policemen saved the life of a local businessman.

The police later determined that the suspect had come to Ukraine from Transnistria and is part of the group led by Oleg Reniiskii. The latter is announced in international search for several serious crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine. According to the information, Reniischii would be hiding on the territory of Romania.

The detained man was placed in custody.


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