Anatol Plugaru, one of the 23 candidates in the presidential elections of 30 October, announced today that he is withdrawing from the race, while asking relevant bodies to declare the elections unconstitutional and subscription lists submitted by the candidates of parliamentary parties - void, citing serious irregularities in their preparation and presentation.

"We are letting you know that what we have collided with new data before the start of the campaign, and even in the early days of collecting signatures of support, it is simply awful. The agony of those whohave captured the state have brought us to the brink of a national catastrophe. Mocking the Constitution, rude violation of legislation, of the fundamental rules of international law have reached unprecedented dimensions, " said Anatol Plugaru according to

According to him, the government, after the country ousted over 1 million people, now is not letting them vote, by the fact that there are not enough polling stations opened in Russia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and other countries. Plugaru also said that was restricted the right to vote of the citizens on the left side of Dniester. Nor were they allowed to put their signatures on the lists of support. Similarly, independent candidate mentions that certain manipulations with different variants of electoral lists are made.

"In these circumstances, any way of participating in these so-called presidential elections brings you to complicity with the current government. Participation means in fact their recognition. Participation in these elections is an act of national treason",  said Anatol Plugaru, quoted by the source.

In the application-protest, signed by team members of Anatol Plugaru, they requested the competent bodies "to give proper legal assessment to the unlawful intent and hold accountable those responsible." Similarly, team members started asking for qualification of elections as an unconstitutional process. If the requirements are not met, citizens are urged to boycott the elections of 30 October.

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