Eugenia Ciumac, the head of the accounting department and economic analysis of the Municipality, lives in a luxury house on Puddle Trifan Baltă street from Chisinau. The woman included this property in the statement of income for the year of 2015.

The accountant claims that she has a modest income and live modestly. In reality, many people from Eugenia Ciumac’s entourage argue that she leads a luxurious lifestyle, being involved with her three brothers in more businesses, especially real estate, owning two hotels, one 4 and one 3-star hotel and a hostel.

Eugenia Ciumac, born Potorac becomes chief accountant at Chisisnau City Hall in September of 1996, when Serafim Urechean was leading the institution. She is the only clerk of the City Hall, who holds a leading position for over 20 years.

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Eugenia Ciumac, Source:

Eugenia Ciumak is a member of the Rotary Club Chisinau, which is said to be a club controlled by Masonry. Chisinau Rotary Club involves several members of the elite, being involved in charitable actions.

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Rotary Club la Vila Verde. Eugenia Ciumac, Valentina Badrajan and Luminiţa Gavriluţă

Eugenia Ciumac’s luxury house

Eugenia Ciumac lives in a house worth millions, from Trifan Baltă street in the so-called neighborhood Ciocarliei from Chisinau. It is an elite neighborhood and true palaces stand there, such as those of the family of former President Vladimir Voronin, the general prosecutor, Eduard Harunjen, former deputy commissioner of Chisinau, Vladimir Covali, several former and current civil servants, prestigious lawyers and businessmen.

The house is sumptuous and white, surrounded by a high fence.

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There is a covered space for car parking in the yard, but also a terrace and a garden.

According cadastral data, the property has 155.8 square meters and was finished in April of 2011 by Valentina and Nicolae Tricolici. Valentina Tricolici, born Potorac, is Eugenia Ciumac’s older sister.

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Nicolae and Valentina Tricolici, Source:

Nicolae Tricolici is the founder of the brand Supraten, a network of stores and production of building materials, earning about about 800 million lei a year. Some sources from Eugenia Ciumac’s entourage said that she would have some part in that business.

Half a year after Tricolici gave the house in operation, according to cadastral data of real estate, they sold half of the house to Cornelia Ciumac, who is Eugenia Ciumac’s daughter and who was only 21 years old at the time. The other half of the house is offered as a donation Eugen Potorac, who is the son from the first marriage of the cief accountant from the City Hall.


Eugen Ciumac is 34 years old, married and lives for several years in Germany. According to sources in the entourage of family, Eugenia would have helped Eugen to purchase a house in Germany.

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Eugen Potorac, Source:

Cornelia Ciumac, Eugenia Ciumac’s daughter from her second marriage, studied in the UK and was an intern at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, based in Geneva and is currently in Chisinau, being employed by an institution for attracting investments.

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Cornelia Ciumac, Source:

Cornelia Ciumac lives in an apartment of a brand new building, which her mother bought.

According to a report by television station Euro TV, Eugenia Ciumac lives in the house from street Trifan Balta street, at least since spring of 2012.

The report also shows that the clerk, whose children were outside the country, welcomed and celebrated Easter with three Britons who were traveling around the world.

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Eugeniei Ciumac’s hotel and guesthouse

Several sources from the Chisinau City Hall but also some employees of Potorac family, claim that Eugenia Ciumac is a co-owner of the 4-star hotel “Iris” on Petricani street from Chisinau.

The institution has 33 accommodation rooms of about 25 square meters each and  with a three meters height. There is an LCD TV, mini-bar, telephone and air conditioning in each room. There are rooms with bath and shower.

The price for one night of accommodation varies from 60 to 80 euros.

The hotel also features a conference room, which can be leased with 15 euro per hour and a sauna, where an hour costs 20 euros.     

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The land on which the hotel was built was leased by the company Vipostal. Potorac Victor appears to be the founder and director of Vipostal LLC, who is Eugenia Ciumac’s brother. Similarly, the building is registered under Victor Potorac’s name.

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Victor Potorac, Source:


The family has another 3-star hotel „Vila Iris”, near the Botanical Gardens in Botanica sector of the capital. The hotel has 11 rooms, which cost between 35 and 50 euros per night.

Vila Iris 1.jpgVila Iris 2.jpg

The building is registered as Chitico Ltd company ,located on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, which also has Victor Potorac as founder and director.


Several sources claim that Eugenia Ciumac would hold many commercial premises, including basements, registered under intermediaries, on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard in between Armeană and Tighina street, which she would lease to commercial agents. Coincidentally or not, but Chitico SRL company is registered in that particular area    

Construction businesses

Eugenia Ciumac has another brother Ion Potorac, who has construction businesses.

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Ion Potorac, Source:

Ion Potorac owns several companies, the most famous being Quadro LLC, based on 77 Petru Rares street. The company is known in particular for the production and marketing of insulating materials and glass fiber.

Eugenia Ciumac had managed several businesses hrough her older brother’s companies. Thus, five years ago, Eugenia, along with a former employee of the Chisinau City Hall, Sergiu Ceban, built and put into operation a multistoried building in Rascani sector of the capital.

The accounting chief was heard by several colleagues when she said that she gained her wealth by purchasing apartments slack off at low prices, which were sold at a more expensive price after being repaired.

The relationship with Vice Mayor and Labour Glory order

Eugenia Chumak has had a good relationship for several years with Mihai Furtuna, who held the position of Vice Mayor for economy between 2001-2012. The operation permits for all enterprises from Chisinau, starting from a simple booth to a supermarket, were depending on Furtuna’s signature. Moreover, the room and land rental in Chisinau, depended on Furtuna’s signature for 10 years.

The two were seen together at all the ceremonies and family events.

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evenimente mondene 1.png


Mihai Furtuna resigns as vice-mayor of Chisinau in early 2012, and in April the same year, is named by Nicolae Timofti, the presidential advisor for economy.

In November of 2013 Eugenia Ciumac is decorated with the order " Labour Glory" for "long and prodigious work in the banking system, monetary policy contribution to promote lending and merits in strengthening the financial discipline of state."

Mihai Furtuna’s advisor mandate expired at the same time when the Nicolae Timofti’s president mandate expired. By the end of his mandate, Nicolae Timofti decorated Furtuna with the "Order of the Republic" for "long and prodigious work in public administration bodies, contribution to promoting social and economic transformations and intense organizational activity".

Eugenia Ciumac’s income statement

Although she live in the house on Trifan Baltă street at least since 2012, Eugenia Ciumac included the property in her income statement only in 2015.

According to the statement of income for 2013, the head of accounting department at Chisinau City Hall, didn’t have a house.

The clerk declares the house, which is estimated at 1 million 319 000 thousand lei, in the income statement for 2015. Ciumac admits in her statement of income, that owns the property since 2011.

Also in the income statement for 2015, Eugenia Ciumac indicates that she bought a BMW car, produced in 2008, which would have cost her 37 000 lei. The City Hall employees confirmed that she is using that car.

Eugenia Ciumac indicates as main sources of income her salary of almost 109 thousand lei per year, her pension of nearly 55 thousand lei per year, and less than 7,000 lei received as a quality member of the Administrative Council of the SE Edilitate.

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