While most of district officers complain that they live from hand to mouth because of low wages, the chief of a police district in Chisinau seems to live in grand style. He carries out a commercial activity that doesn’t fall within the legal limits.

It is the case of Anatol Cazacu, head of the Bubuieci police district of Chisinau municipality. In the past three years, Cazacu achieved several "performances", such as paying for luxury stays in Cyprus and Egypt, sending his child to a private high school, becoming godparent of a newlywed couple and acquiring a plot of construction land, offered by the Bubuieci town hall.


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In 2017, Anatol Cazacu had a salary of 8256 lei per month, while his wife - 5118 lei. In 2016, the family's official income, which have 3 children to support, was even lower, 6321 lei and 1968 lei per month, respectively.

The policeman also indicated a donation of 4,000 euros offered to him by his relatives.

In spite of low official incomes, the family could afford paying for a private high school for their child, where the study fee is 15,000 lei for a year without meals.

Besides the excursions to Ukraine and Romania, the Cazacus also boasted of more exotic and expensive tourist destinations.

Holiday spending didn’t prevent the Cazacus from taking the responsibility, including financially, for being godparents of a newlywed couple, who married last autumn.


Source: facebook.com

The "legal" business of the Cazacus

The Cazacus have a trading business.  Brio-Fruct LLC is registered into the name of officer's wife, Tatiana Doni and the legal address of the company is the apartment on Voluntarilor Street in Chisinau, where the family lives.

Right next to their block of flats, Brio-Fruct LLC installed two stalls, selling detergents and food products. 



Next to the food stall, which has a surface of about 12 square meters, tables and chairs have been improvised, where lovers of liquors stay all day long.

The stall seems to have become a real paradise for them, offering the opportunity to buy spirits or beer at any hour of the day. Especially because, unlike other grocery stores, they can buy small portions, like in a bar, but at lower prices.

This, however, disturbs some of the inhabitants of the nearby houses. The lack of a sanitary block makes drinkers to relieve nature under the residents’ windows.

Alcohol consumers claim that Anatol Cazacu is the owner of the stall and they see him daily coming to the store on his service car. 

Those who buy spirits are pleased with Cazacu's stall. They say that the spirits are cheap and good, no one died of them, nor do they have problems with the police, which is located within 200 meters. Moreover, sellers are often sympathetic and sell them spirits off working hours.

Sellers seem to have become accustomed to the situation and no longer bother to issue receipts for each buyer.

Several cigarette packs are displayed in the showcase. Most small grocery stalls have given up selling tobacco products. The annual license for the sale of cigarettes costs 5,000 lei and the price ceiling almost doesn’t allow them to obtain income from the marketing of these goods. "We have to sell cigarettes in the amount of 120,000 lei to recover the cost of the license. It's not worth it," the owner of a small store said.

Rodica Cozmolici, executive of the General Directorate for Commerce, Public Catering and Servicing of the Chisinau City Hall, told us that it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages, including beer, in commercial units with an area of ​​less than 20 square meters. Similarly, it is forbidden to sell alcoholic drinks by portions, regardless of the store's surface. "In this case, the Administration of the Ciocana district, where the commercial unit is located, should take action. In such cases, the role of the agent lies with the executive officers of the Administration," the official concluded.

Cazacus’ undeclared property

In the Income and Property Statements for 2015 and 2016, Anatol Cazacu declared an apartment of 63 square meters, received as a gift. The dwelling is no longer found in the Statement for 2017, nor is there any data about its alienation. Instead, the law enforcer declared that he came into possession of an apartment of 36 square meters last year, which costs 8,000 euros. According to his Statement, the transaction has not been completed, with a preliminary contract signed for the time being.

In fact, the policeman and his family live in an apartment of 71 square meters, on the Voluntarilor Street, which is not reflected in the Income and Property Statement.

The dwelling is registered into the name of Tatiana Doni, and according to the cadastral data, it was donated by her father and brother in 2013.

On May 15, 2014, the Bubuieci Town Council adopted a decision, by which Anatol Cazacu received a 700-square-meter plot of land for construction. 

Currently, the land is no longer found in the officer's Statement.

Sources close to CrimeMoldova informed us that the policeman owns a plot of construction land in the village of Humulesti, a small settlement within Bubuieci Town Hall. Several villagers showed us the land, mentioning that it was registered into the name of a front man and a former local counselor helped the police officer to officialize it.


Anatol Cazacu appears in several pictures and videos posted on social networks, driving a Toyota, which we found parked in his courtyard. In his Income and Property Statement for 2016, Anatol Cazacu indicated a 7-year-old Toyota that he bought in 2015 for 10,000 lei, and a Nissan. In his Statement for 2017, the two cars are no longer present. Similarly, there is no information about their alienation.


Source: facebook.com

Anatol Cazacu: "I have no affair"

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Anatol Cazacu said he doesn’t own and is not involved in any business. The law enforcer also rejected the fact that the family owned the two stalls near the block where he lives: "I know nothing. It’s my family."

The police officer also said that he has no land for construction, including on the territory of Bubuieci. "There is a decision adopted by the Council, but it's only on paper. The town hall has not yet allocated the land to me," the policeman explained.

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