Moving from the Communist Party over to the Democrat Party, was beneficial for the MP, Sergiu Sirbu. Alongside his parliamentary and personal achievements (becomes vice-president of the Parliament, raising a family and being the author of 50 legislative initiatives in 2016), Sergiu Sirbu became the owner of two apartments, one of which donated by his younger brother.

Where does Sergiu Sirbu live?

The luxury apartment of the democrat is situated on the ground floor of a building on Boulevard Traian from Botanica sector of the capital. Sirbu family’s  apartment differs from all the other apartments of the block. It has a tiny fenced yard, an attic, a terrace, a garage and a separate entrance.

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According to the inscription at the entrance, Sirbu's house appears to be guarded by Plahotniuc’s security company, the leader of the party he is a member of.

paza s. sîrbu.png

Several pictures of the inside of the apartment were posted on Sergiu and Inna Sirbu’s Facebook page.

interior sirbu 1.png

interior sirbu 2.png

interior sirbu 3.png

interior sirbu 4.png

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How did the MP Sirbu become the owner of a luxury apartment

According to cadastral data, Sergiu Sirbu received the apartment as a gift from his younger brother 5 years ago. Vitalie Sirbu purchased the property from the magistrate of Botanica Court from Chisinau, Vitalie-Silviu Midrigan on February 20th, 2015,  and in less than two months gave it to his brother.  


Vitalie Sirbu is a photographer. After graduating the faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, he worked as a reporter for the news agency "Moldpres". He was Mihai Ghimpu’s photographer while he held the position of the interim head of state, then went to an internship in the US. Now he is a freelancer. A photo session with Vitalie Sirbu starts at 50 euros for an hour. The democrat deputy’s brother also earns money by photographing weddings and christening parties.

vitalie sîrbu.png

Vitalie Sîrbu. Source:

Vitalie Sirbu has previously made another gift to his brother, Sergiu and his wife, Ina - he photographed their wedding in June of 2013.

nunta s sîrbu.png

The deputy’s wealth 

According to the statement of income for 2015, Sergiu Sirbu is not a poor man. Apart from the apartment donated by his brother, with the cadastral value of almost 810 000 lei, the MP owns another property since 2012, an apartment of about 70 square meters, the cadastral value of which is estimated at 436 000 lei.

Sergiu Sirbu also states that he ownes a villa of 58 square meters and two plots of land in a suburb of the capital.

The democrat claims that he doesn’t have a car. Only his wife has a BMW X5 produced in 2015, which they are still paying out.

However, the MP has a lot of debts. Last credit in the amount of 900 thousand lei, he took in 2015 and will pay out until 2035.

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