The parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition intends to support the representatives of civil society, who announced yesterday, November 21, their intention to hold a national referendum for the cancelation of the law on mixed voting system before the parliamentary elections of 2018. The parties that agreed to help the NGO representatives to collect the signatures needed to initiate the referendum are Our Party, the DA Platform (Dignity and Truth Platform) and the Party of Communists.

Renato Usatii, leader of Our Party, announced in a live broadcast that the party he represents will support the initiative of the civil society and that their party has mayors and organizations in most districts of the country and the 200,000 signatures needed to initiate the plebiscite can be easily collected in Chisinau only. Usatii urged the citizens to support the return to the old voting system regardless of their geopolitical visions.

The chairman of the DA Platform, Andrei Nastase, said that the Platform will also support the referendum on the repeal of the law, by which the mixed voting system was introduced and that it would be a pity for the opposition not to use such tools as referendums and protests. He also stated that the Platform did not stop the fight for the cancelation of the mixed voting system. The statement was made during the Politica TV show. Nastase also said that he had addressed the Parliament and the Government with the request to initiate a legislative referendum, but did not receive any answer.

The Communist leader, Vladimir Voronin, said in a press conference that the Communist Party will support this referendum and will actively engage in campaigning for the proportional system that existed before.

The opposition representatives also said they would contribute to collecting signatures for the initiation of the referendum.

Please note that yesterday, November 21, representatives of several NGOs said they intend to create an initiative group and register it with the Central Electoral Commission. Subsequently, they will begin the collection of signatures in support of the referendum.

They mentioned that the idea of ​​the referendum is an apolitical and civic initiative. The initiative belongs to the representatives of the Institute of Public Policies, Transparency International Moldova, the Center for Policies and Reforms, civic activists, etc.

We remind you that the law on the mixed voting system was passed in its final reading on July 20, by 74 deputies. This was a merged project, consisting of the draft law on the uninominal voting system, proposed by the Democrats and the draft on the mixed voting system, proposed by the Socialists, the latter remaining the basis of the current law. The voting was held despite the protests of the opposition.

The next parliamentary elections, scheduled for 2018, will be held under the new system.

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