Although the date of the parliamentary elections has not yet been called, and until the beginning of the electoral campaign there is still time, the representatives of Ilan Şor's party began to meet with the potential voters from the villages of Orhei district, making various promises.

On Friday, July 13, the vice-president of the Șor Party, Marina Tauber, mayor of Jora de Mijloc commune from Orhei district, had a meeting with a group of inhabitants from the village of Ocniţa Răzeşi from the same district. The meeting took place at a road intersection, with the presence of especially third-age people, who are still living in the village, which represent a little over 250 inhabitants.

Marina Tauber told the attendees that the meeting had no political connotation and that she was sent by Ilan Şor to find out the problems in order to solve them. Şor’s representative did not hesitate to review his boss's achievements since becoming the mayor of Orhei.

People have asked to be connected to the gas pipeline at a reduced price and to have their roads repaired. Tauber promised that Şor would solve their problems and set up a playground for children, as in other 4 villages in Orhei district.

At the end of the meeting, Tauber invited the inhabitants of Ocniţa Răzeşi to a free concert in the central park in Orhei, with the participation of the singer Igor Cuciuc. The mayor of Jora de Mijloc promised those present at the meeting gifts from Ilan Şor.

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