The meeting at Coloniţa town hall, the native village of the politician Mihai Ghimpu, during which the dismissal of the mayor Angela Zaporojan was to be discussed, did not take place. Several supporters of the congress blocked access to the meeting room, and police had to intervene to avoid altercations.

Some counselors argue that Zaporojan should be dismissed and an interim councilor should be appointed instead, because the mayor has been convicted of influence peddling by the Chisinau Court of Appeal, and is not entitled to hold a dignitary public position.

Zaporojan's supporters claim that the sentence has been appealed to the Supreme Court, and those who demand dismissal are relatives of Mihai Ghimpu, who intends to lead the local public administration.

Angela Zaporojan was found guilty and fined with 8,000 lei for allocating the public money for building the fence at the village church, in the absence of the Council's decision without a public auction.

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