Ana Ursachi, the lawyer of several well-known people, who claims to be in opposition to Vladimir Plahotniuc, is accused in a video investigation of murdering a woman 18 years ago, in attempt to take her apartment. The lawyer rejects the accusations and claims that is is all Vladimir Plahotniuc’s revenge.

The investigation made by Gabriel Calin, stated that Ursachi planned a criminal network together with her ex-husband Ruslan Moiseev, dealing with apartments takeover. Gabriel Calin is known for supporting the current government and for making compromising video investigation on people who claim to fight with Plahotniuc’s regime. According to him Ana Ursachi, her ex-husband and another accomplice would kill a teacher, to then, take over her apartment in March, 1998. Her ex-husband and her accomplice were convicted to 18 and 17 years in prison for the committed crime. Ana Ursachu supposedly escaped prison thanks to her father, who held a high office position in the past.

Ana Ursachi wrote on her Facebook page that she would sue both, the author of the film and the media that distributed the video “I wanted to ignore the dirty and degrading holding’s attack, like I always used to do, and to get over the nasty comments of the commissar 55 or whatever episode Gabriel Calin has made on his chief’s demand. But I called home and found out that his mental aberrations were distributed on Youtube and then on Channel 2,3,4,6, attacking my mother, who is still not used to this regime trying to divide the power between left and right. In a stupor, I came to the following conclusion: Don’t you think that there are way too many mothers, Plahotniuc? Afraid of their sons, then Commissioner Calin becomes pale. I will not say anything more, we will just start with a prior request. I know that many will urge me not to do so,  not desecrated honor and dignity in a jurisdiction controlled by you, but I'll still do it.”

Several sources stated that the brother Gheorghe, Anatol and Sergiu Stepuleac stand behind Ana Ursachi’s actions, who would be involved in a conflict with Plahotniuc’s relative Dorin Damir. The same sources say that the lawyer is in a common law marriage with the jurist Anatol Stepuleac. 


Anatol Stepuleac şi Ana Ursachi. Sursa: Infotag

Sergiu and Gheorghe Stepuleac were coworkers with Dorin Damir while working at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All three resigned from the office in 2001 and founded a private security company. Damir would then take over the company in 2005.


V.Plahotniuc, C.Ţuţu şi D.Damir. Sursa:

A criminal case was issued on the name of the three bothers in April, 2009, for allegedly throwing rocks at the presidential institution. The file was issued based on Eugen Volos’s denunciation, who was working at the time in Vladimir Plahotniuc villager’s company,  Adrian Nichifor.  Adrian Nichifor was later sentenced to a long term in prison for manslaughter.

The Stepuleac brothers were released after the government changed and the General Prosecutor’s Office started a criminal investigation involving Alexandru Pinzari, the head of National Police Inspectorate, who is accused of malfeasance in office. While interrogated by the investigators, Eugen Volos said that in 2009, he was working in Adrian Nichifor’s firm, which was producing plastic windows. Once, he made a mistake and ruined a lot of windows worth 17 thousand lei and Nichifor obliged him to pay the damage. However, on the 11th of April, Nichifor called Volos and told him that he will forget about his debt if he agrees to give perjured testimony against Stepuleac brothers. After they agreed on that, Nichifor took Volos to Alexandru Jizdan, who was then the head of the Operational Services Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and who is currently The Minister of Interior. He supposedly said that they need three more people to testify against Stepuleac brothers for them to be sentenced. Nichifor then asked Volos if he could find three more guys. Dorin Damir, who was assisting their conversation, took 1200$ out of his pocket and gave Volos the money to pay the witnesses.

Jizdan’s ex assistant from 2009, ended up on Defendant’s bench. The prosecution established that the inspector Eduard Balamtiuc, interrogated Euge­niu Volos, Artur Bur­lacu and Ale­xan­dru Cazacu on Alexandru Pinzari’s order. Based on these reports containing false evidence, Stepuleac brothers were detained and accused of organizing massive public disorder.

In March 2016 the Buiucani Court suspended the legal proceedings on Pinzari’s file because the limitation period has expired. The case is now pending in Chisinau Court of Appeal. Pinzari pleads not guilty.

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