The Occupy Guguţă Youth Community, which has been protesting for about two months in front of Café Guguţă under the title "Permanent Protest," was evacuated on Independence Day with dozens of masked. Although they had a protest authorization, the young people were banished from the café and left with nothing, including the donations of some citizens.

According to community-released live, the lawmakers were unable to explain the reason for the eviction and did not ask for the documents that authorized the demonstration. The number of masks trained to evacuate the community has exceeded several times the number of protesters.

Several community things were loaded into a Green Space car and taken off the café surroundings.

"I celebrated the Independence Day raided by the cops. Today, they want to take away our right to protest peacefully, the right to meet and the right of citizens to celebrate this day. We gather on Bodoni Street and peacefully claim our right to independence. We take the drums, and so we remind politicians about our people and our rights. We are protesting permanently," was the youth message posted on the Occupy Guguţă page.

During the two months since the protest was initiated, the young people manifested peacefully through various creative actions and events.

OccupyGuguţă is defined as a permanent protest for defending democracy in the Republic of Moldova. The youth community formed under this generic was formed at the end of June and manifested itself in front of the former Guguţă Cafes. The protesters militate against construction instead of the former café of a multi-storey business center, but against other illegalities admitted by the government.

At the base of the eviction of all protesters in the center of the city would be a Provision of Interim Mayor Ruslan Codreanu, who demanded the interruption of all demonstrations during the official ceremony dedicated to Independence Day.

dispozitie evacuare

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