The victory of pro-Russian candidate in the presidential elections in Moldova could worsen the country's relations with Ukraine, endanger the security of the country and create instability in the entire region. Such a view was expressed in a press conference, organized by the Media Centre, Ukraine Crisis, on 26 October.

Our neighbor, Ukraine, is closely following the presidential elections in Moldova, as this would have an impact on Ukraine. Anna Gopko, an independent deputy in the Verkhovna Rada and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, provided evidence that, most likely, the president will be chosen in the second round of elections, when, according to the forecasts, the fight will be held between a pro-Russian and a pro-European candidate. "If the pro-Russian candidate wins, the Moldovan security will be in danger and Ukraine is likely to have a neighbor, who would become a source of Russian influence in the whole region. The presidential elections in Moldova are important for Ukraine because, after Russia, Ukrainian’s largest common border is that with Moldova, and the largest Ukrainian Diaspora lives in Moldova and in addition to this, Moldova is the place where the big fight between the "Russian world" and the European path" takes place.

Victor Romaniuc, popular deputy of the Popular Front faction believes that there is no return to the past, while Russia is trying, with the help of propaganda, to re-gain influence over the country, "There can be no return to the past. The Soviet Union belongs to the past. If you want to return to the past, you will get poverty, instability, you will lose the few things that you have today. No matter who or what promises, these are all intrigues. People, who are talking today about integrating into the Russian Federation should remember that between Russia and Moldova there is Ukraine, which is in a state of war with the Russian Federation. Ukraine would never accept Moldova's integration into the structures that are promised to you today,” the politician declared.

The politician promised that if any of the Moldovan leaders recognizes the Crimea as the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine will have to take measures, including to announce a blockade of Moldova: to close the customs posts and prohibit transit through Ukraine to individuals and businesses, transportation of goods etc. In addition, Moldova will lose a great market. He warned Moldova against the cooperation with Russia, "Its sovereignty and dictatorial ambitions are paramount for Russia. Moldova has got Transnistria - a product of the Russian policy. Ukraine has got the Crimea. Ukraine has its East, where there is a war and where people die on a daily basis. Russian tanks, Russian weapons and Russian mercenaries are killing Ukrainian citizens today. I do not think that Moldovans are ready to face such a challenge. Obviously, Russian tanks will not reach Chisinau, because they have on their way Ukraine and the great Ukrainian people, who are ready to fight for their territory. But Russia is ready to create instability, to use you and throw you in the dump of history, "he said.

Victor Romaniuc considers unacceptable to speculate with facts and statements about the Crimea belonging to Russia, "the Crimea belonged and will belong to Ukraine. This is the decision of the UN General Assembly and it cannot be annulled."

Anna Selest, editor-in-chief of UA: Ukraine Analytica noted that Moldova is a parliamentary republic and its parliament is not pro-Russian, contrary to the presidential candidate Igor Dodon, who dared make anti-Ukrainian statements about the recognition of the Crimea as part of Russia. According to the results of the latest polls, presented by Anna Selest, Igor Dodon would accumulate about 33% of the vote, Maia Sandu and Marian Lupu (the press conference was held before Lupu’s withdrawal from the campaign - note of CrimeMoldova) would gain 13% each,  and another 25% of citizens would be hesitant.  Anna Selest believes that in the last days before the elections, the picture could change, because Moldova's citizens give priority to the fight against corruption. The pre-election war of compromising materials revealed information on the dubious businesses of Igor Dodon, while Maia Sandu has become popular precisely for her uncompromised fight against corruption.

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