A foreign pilot and two soldiers would have lost their lives after the crash of a NATO-contracted helicopter on the territory of a military base in Afghanistan.

According to deschide.md sources, the pilot is a citizen of Moldova, and the helicopter belongs to Moldovan companyValan, also involved in the aviation tragedy near Cote d'Ivoire, after which 4 Moldovan pilots lost their lives.

The company manager SergheiKitsyuc did not comment on the information regarding the Afghanistan accident for the source.

The information about the crash of the helicopter and the death of the soldiers and the pilot was published by washingtonpost.com, but without specifying the nationality of the victims. And other international sources have written about the accident.

The source also writes, referring to the Afghan Army spokesman, Maj. HanifRezaie, that three other people, including another foreign pilot, were injured as a result of the accident.

Seven other militaries, aboard the helicopter, were rescued.

The MI-8 helicopter would have crashed shortly after taking off from the base near the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. The cause of the impact would be a technical problem and the helicopter ignited during the impact with the soil.

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