Nadejda Savin and her 4-year-old daughter with intellectual disabilities and heart disease try to cope with the situation, the only income being the child's pension of 1500 lei per month. With this money, Nadejda pays 1100 lei each month for rent.

Nadejda and her child live in a room of about 10 square meters, located in the basement of a multi-storey block. Because the room does not have a kitchen, the woman has to cook at an electric kettle on the window sill. Because they do not have a sanitary block, the mother has to improvise the bathroom in the same room. The woman improvised a table from a bedside table where the little girl is eating. The child almost has no clothes or toys.

The two survive due to the few donations offered by a retired and an older son: "My mother was giving me 200 lei of her pension. But now she underwent a surgery, and she can no longer do that. She lives with my sister, and my son lives there. He is brave, he studies and works and gives me money for medicines. My sister also has a sick child. The dwelling is small, we do not have a place right there," Nadejda explained.

The woman said she wanted to work, but there is no one to care for the child because several kindergartens have refused to accept her because of disabilities. Nadejda claims he appealed to the authorities, but also to some charity foundations, but was rejected everywhere: "I called Galina Dodon's foundation, but they responded coldly to me as if doing me a favor. I also wrote to Edelweiss, the foundation of Plahotniuc. That's where they answered that there were 8,000 requests and that my turn would be over 5 years. Then I could get a thousand or two thousands lei," the woman said.

Nadejda claims she was born and lived in Poşta Veche sector of the capital, but she and her family were left homeless after the father, a few days before his death, left the home heritage to her neighbor.

Nadejda Savin said that while she was addressing for help to various medical institutions, she was advised several times to give up the little girl, she had no chance of survival, and take care of her personal life. "But she wants to live, she has the right to live," said the woman.

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