In 2012, Andronic was on the list of "the most incompetent judges". The ranking was conducted by The magistrates’ work was appreciated by ordinary people taking into account their professionalism, ethics, and quality of decisions.

Adela Andronic is among the judges that received a negative feedback. 

In 2015, Andronic took a decision, which suspended the work of the new management of "Motor Insurers Bureau" (BNAA) for two months. In this period, more operations were carried out, which prejudiced the institution with more than 20 million lei. According to, the money was provided for our country's guarantee fund, established by the Green Card Council of Bureaux. Because of Moldova’s impossibility to pay, Brussels, in May 2015, decided to suspend Moldova from the Green Card system. However, the BNAA managed to obtain several delays until June 2016.

On June 2, the final verdict was issued. The General Assembly of Green Card Bureaux, which was held in Tallinn, Estonia, decided to revoke the suspension of Moldovan Motor Insurers Bureau (BNAA) from the Green Card System. Thus, Moldova maintained its membership in the Green Card International System, provided the imminent execution of measures that will recover stability and financial security of Moldovan Motor Insurers Bureau and involvement of Moldovan authorities.

In her defense, Andronic says, "I think I don’t have to be punished. I analyzed many decisions, issued by the Court of Appeal with regard to similar cases and I can tell you that different decisions were taken. We don’t have a unique practice," she said.

Meanwhile, Adela Andronic went through a disciplinary interview for taking this decision. The Superior Council of Magistracy received complaints from the Minister of Justice Vladimir Grosu, (dated  14.04.15) and from the Executive Director of BNAA Mihail Manoli (dated 08.05.15) with regard to Adela Andronic’s actions (Court of the Central District, Chisinau). By the decision of the Disciplinary Board of the Superior Council of Magistracy dated 18.09.15 the submitted applications were rejected.

However, the Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari and the BNAA appealed the decision (17.11.15). As a result, the previous decision was quashed and Adela Andronic received a disciplinary warning. Subsequently, the decision of the Disciplinary Board under the Superior Council of Magistracy was challenged by BNAA (on 26.04.2016). Thus, the Superior Council of Magistracy applied a disciplinary sanction to Adela Andronic, she was dismissed.  

Annually, the Superior Council of Magistracy receives about two thousand complaints against judges. The number of complaints, gained by some judges, coincides with their experience and the image they have created in the society, because of the scandals, in which they were involved. There were 26 complaints filed to the SCM against Adela Andronic, of which 20 were rejected.