In the autumn of 2014, Constantin Tutu became a member of the Democratic Party and in the parliamentary elections of 2014, he was number 13 on the list of candidates from the Democratic Party.

After the elections of 30 November, Tutu declared modest incomes; the deputy received an income of 290,000 lei from sports activities. He also owns land worth 909 lei in the village of Bacioi, a bank account of 14,000 lei and has two luxury Mercedes totaling 150,000 lei.

In 2014, Constantin Tutu was named the best K-1 fighter in Moldova.

The youngest member of the DP is double world champion in KOK (King of Kings), in KOK World Grand Prix in 2011 and 2014, and winner of Grand Prix FEA in 2009, FEA champion in 2011, K- 1 champion of World Grand Prix, 85 kg category in 2013.

Vlad Plahotnic accompanied Tutu at his last sports performances in the ring. The athlete dedicated his victories to the DPM.

Tutu is a member of the Committee for National Security, Defense and Public Order.

Suspect then Witness in a Murder Case

In 2012, Constantin Tutu was involved in a brawl in Orhei, which led to the murder of the Moldovan criminal Alexei Veretco, alias "Krasavcik". The current Democrat deputy was suspected of involvement in the murder of Veretco and was wanted by the police.  An arrest warrant was issued into his name. However, Constantin Tutu escaped criminal prosecution after the alleged assassin surrendered.

Constantin Tutu told for Clean Moldova (Moldova Curata) that he regretted very much what had happened and that he incidentally got among the people involved in the brawl. In 2015, He claimed, "I cannot wait to see this case closed, and the court to decide who is guilty. I got there by chance and I am not guilty," Tutu said.

On 13 May 2016, Orhei District Court acquitted the Democrat deputy in the case of Alexei Veretco’s murder. However, Tutu could get behind bars. According to PROTV, the lawyer of Roman Zadoinov challenged the judgment of Orhei Court of Magistrates to the Court of Appeal.

The lawyer asked the first court decision to be shelved, and the deputy Tutu and the rest of the accused to be sentenced to life imprisonment.