The company fully belongs to Iurie Chirtoaca and it appeared in several scandals on the drug market.

Dita EastFarm is the founder of other four pharmaceutical companies: Aquafarm-Group, Farmacia Familiei, Val-Ghmbir, Farmstyl.

State Contracts and Drug Scandal

Dita EstFarm is one of the companies receiving the largest public contracts. In 2014, the company ranked in the top six of Moldova’s largest importers with sales of about 1, 3 billion lei. Also in 2014, Dita EstFarm won a fourth of the amount of public contracts for medicines, obtaining about 172, 3 million lei out of 401.3 million. In 2015, the company also maintained its position; it received about half of the money, spent by the state for medicines (about 243, 6 million lei).

However, on 27 March 2015, following the drug scandal, the Public Procurement Agency decided to include Dita EstFarm in the ban list for participation in public tenders until 2018.  Four days later, the Agency suspended the decision following a court ruling and the pharmaceutical company resumed its participation in public auctions.  Moreover, Dita EstFarm won 16 auctions even during the time when it was forbidden to participate in tenders.  

The company appears in a criminal case, examined by the General Police Inspectorate, for tax evasion "which led to failure to pay tax in large proportions." 

Shady Deals with Bosnia and Herzegovina

An investigation, carried out by Rise, revealed one of the most recent scandals that affected the company. According to this investigation, Dita EstFarm got into the spotlight of the prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina after several suspicious transactions with the Bosnian company Bosnalijek. Financial circulation included offshore companies and consultancy contracts.

According to the Financial Police in Sarajevo in 2006-2012, Bosnalijek and Dita EstFarm annually concluded cooperation agreements, under which Dita EstFarm sold in Moldova medicines worth over 2.5 million euros.

The contracts provided a discount of 10 % of the total value of medicines, sold by the company in Moldova, the discount that between 2007 -2008 reached the personal accounts of the Chirtoaca’s (company owners).

Fined for Abuse of Dominant Power

This April, Dita EstFarm, along with other five pharmaceutical companies, was fined by the Competition Council for the refusal to deliver medicines in full and timely to medical institutions and abuse of dominant power. The fine for Dita EstFarm was 14 million lei, which is more than half of its share capital value.

A few months later, by the decision of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court the company managed to suspend the payment of the fine until the resolution of the case on the merits.