Officially, the leader and founder of Gofma-Consulting LLC is Dumitru Taraburca. The real estate company was registered in Chisinau, Botanica district, 51/1 Dacia bd.,  ap. 193. Two other companies with foreign investment are registered at the same address: Romengineering FIE and Amarel Invest FIE, both founded in 2007. Additionally, Gofma-Consulting is listed as the founder and co-founder of two other companies: Cheltis and Gofma-Plus, both registered in 2002 at the same address: Chisinau, Buiucani district, 2 / A Mihai Viteazu Str. The first is led by Vitalii Atamanschii, while the second by Nicolai Pelenita.

Assumptions regarding the company's involvement in shady schemes emerged following an article, published by news portal, according to which Gofma-Consultin, unofficially belongs to Mihail and Alexei Gofman. The first was head of the Office for Prevention and Combating Money Laundering under the National Anticorruption Center (NAC). He came into the media spotlight when during the Interpol show on TV7 channel he made ​​several statements about the potential beneficiaries of the billion theft and about the scheme, which was used to defraud the banking system. Subsequently, the portal revealed information about his brother, Alexei Gofman, who held key positions at BEM when the embezzlement took place. He was in charge of lending service and management of pledges; from 2011 to 2014 he was adviser to the President of BEM (Grigore Gacikevici (who is in prison now), Victor Bodiu and Mihail Hancu). As a confirmation, the editor of published the minutes of one of the meetings of the Board of Directors of BEM in 2012, when the management of the institution approved the "list of valuation companies that enjoy greater credibility and with positive experience of cooperation with the bank". Gofma Consulting LLC, backed by Gofman brothers, was on that list. The prosecutor Adriana Betisor, who referred to the testimonies of several interviewed people, confirmed this hypothesis. According to her, there is information confirming that Gofma Consulting LLC is the enterprise, contracted by BEM for the valuation of pledges and it is controlled by brothers Mihail and Alexei Gofman.

According to the press, Alexei Gofman worked at BEM during the time when the theft took place, however, he was not invited for hearing on the case.

Alexei Gofman appears as the leader and co-founder of other three companies (Credit- Colect, BG - Agroser and Privat - Imobil).

After the burst of information about Gofma-Consulting and Alexei Gofman, Mihail Gofman  confirmed that his brother worked for BEM, but he denied his connection to  Gofma Consulting LLC, contracted by BEM for collateral valuation services. He only confirmed that he knows personally the company's official founder Dumitru Taraburca. The latter accused the journalists of of incorrect disclosure. In a Facebook post, he wrote that the name Gofma is actually an abbreviation of a longer name "group of financial management appraisal "and has no relation to Gofman brothers.

Dumitru Taraburca is presented in the media as a real estate expert, vice president of the National Chamber of Real Estate of Moldova (NGO), member of the Eurasian Association of evaluators and director of Gofma-Consulting real estate consultancy.