2003-present: Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Management and External Trade, PhD student, research topic: "Mechanisms to promote foreign trade"

2001: Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation under the World Trade Organization (WTO), majoring in foreign trade and trade policy, Geneva, Switzerland

1998: Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation, WTO in Geneva, WTO Expert, Switzerland 

1991-1996: Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova, majoring in management.

1991-1992: Moldova State University, Chisinau, Moldova, Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Professional experience

2009 - 21 January 2016: Deputy Minister of International Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Moldova

2005-2009: Director, General Directorate for Trade Policy, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Republic of Moldova

2001-2005: Head of the Main Directorate of trading arrangements and WTO, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Moldova

2004-present: Member of the EU-Moldova Subcommittee II: "Trade and Investment"

2004-present: Representative of Moldova in trade and economic relations with CEFTA

2003-2004: Main negotiator in the Free Trade Agreements signed by Moldova with countries members of Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe

1999-2003: Member of the Working Group on Trade, European Energy Charter, Brussels, Belgium

1998-2001: Member of the Group negotiating Moldova's accession to WTO

1998 - 2001: Deputy Head, Directorate for WTO, the Ministry of Economy and Reforms, Republic of Moldova

1996 - 1998: Senior Specialist, Department of bilateral international cooperation, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Moldova

Calmic’s Fortune

In his income and property statement for 2014, the new Head of the Ministry of Economy declared a salary of 153 thousand lei from the ministry, 10 thousand lei, obtained by teaching at the university and 45 thousand lei, gained from bank interests. At the same time, the Minister of Economy, as the state representative in the Management Board of Moldovagaz, Moldexpo, and President of Magazin Unic JSC and Metalferos JSC accumulated another 450 thousand lei. Being in the position of deputy minister, Calmic was the state representative in the Board of Trustees of Banca de Economii of Moldova, which is now in the process of liquidation. In 2012 and 2013, Calmic contracted debts in the amount of 780 thousand lei.

He is the owner of two dwelling houses, one with a surface of 110 sq. m. and another of 30 sq. m., registered into his wife’s name. He also possesses a Toyota Rav 4 and 50 percent of AI-Export LLC, engaged in trading activities. The company is registered in Negresti, Straseni into the names of Angela Capita and Lidia Soilita, originating from the same village.

Octavian Calmic’s Suspicious Visit to the US

The Minister of Economy is an active member of the Democratic Party. In February 2016, the National Political Council of the Democratic Party appointed Octavian Calmic, Sergiu Sirbu and Monica Babuc vice presidents of the party.

This May, Ocavian Calmin accompanied Vlad Plahotniuc in his visit to the US, where they participated in the Distinguished International Leadership Awards. This visit was largely covered by Plahotniuc's TV channels, while the rest of the society questioned the visit.

Thus, Octavian Calmic declared for Publlika.md that the visit of the delegation was not agovernmental, but rather a political one, he then contradicted himself adding for the same source "we discuss several governmental activity issues".

At the same time, the Information and Communication Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration said that no assistance was requested for the visit of the Deputy Minister Octavian Calmic or other members of the delegation. Both sources within the Government and within the government coalition claim that the travelling costs were incurred by the members of the delegation. It should be noted that in May, the government did not approve any project, concerning the membership of any delegation, led by the Minister of Economy Octavian Calmic.