A member of svan group of georgian mafia from Kutaisi. On August 10, 2003 the group shot a family of four adults and a child in the town Mestia. According to the police the criminal organization was involved in grand abductions and murders. The leader Spartak Japaridze iilegally lived in Russia and Ucraine.

His brother  Beso Japaridze is also a "thief in law" and now is serving a three-year term at the Tbilisi prison № 7. Another brother , Caha, was arrested last year in Russia.

Spartak's father, Garibaldi, sustained a conviction for human traffic. His sister Nato was arrested at the attempt to bribe affiants. The law enforcement authorities suppose that a number of unsolved murders in Ukraine were committed by Japaridze group.

On January 29 Spartak Japaridze was released from tbilisi prison № 7 after serving a third of the penal term for murder.