Two men were arrested last night in Drochia by anticorruption officers and prosecutors, being suspected of influence peddling.

The case was documented by GTD "Nord" under the NAC received a denunciation to the Center. According to the informer, the men, claiming that they can influence the magistrate of the Drochia Court, examining a criminal accusation of blackmail, had claimed MDL 40.000 to convince the judge to adopt a non custodial sentence regarding the defendant.

Following the special investigative measures, the two were caught red-handed after receiving the amount of MDL 40.000, passed under the control of NAC. The suspects were recognized as suspects and detained for a period of 72 hours, and on this case was initiated a criminal case for influence peddling.

If found guilty, the suspects could face a jail sentence of up to six years or a fine of 3.000 to 4.000 conventional units.

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