Internal protection and anti-corruption service (IPAS) of MIA jointly with the National Inspectorate of Patrol, conducted in areas north and south of the country, a complex of measures on preventing and combating corruption, and to ensure discipline among employees of MIA.

 IPAS's public relations service informs that, under this action were documented five cases of active corruption committed by drivers who were stopped by inspectors of traffic patrol for rule violations.

 Cases have been documented as a result of the determination by employees of the IPAS of MIA, present in the composition of NPI crews, of corupt actions of drivers.

 Also, some of the accusations were received from the specialized anticorruption phone line of MIA with the short number 1520, from which inspectors of patrol informed the employees IPAS about corrupt behavior of drivers, especially in cases where the latter conveyed funds in the form of bribes to shirk responsibility mentioned without being brought records and applied appropriate penalty points.

 The funds were the amounts from MDL 100 to several hundreds, and the size of the bribe was previously established by drivers, depending on the seriousness of the rule breaking, in co-report with the amount of the fine provided for the violation.

Therefore, the prosecution department of IPAS of MIA initiated five criminal cases against those drivers.

 For such crime, the Criminal Code provides for imprisonment of up to six years with a fine of up to 4.000 conventional units. 

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