NAC officers and anticorruption prosecutors detained a man from Edinet suspected of traffic of influence.

According to the informer, the man, together with another unidentified person, allegedly extorted 500 euros for issuing a driving license of "E" category, without any theoretical or practical exam. The amount was requested under the pretext that the two would have influence on the employees of the Department of Transport Registration and Drivers' Qualification, Edinet branch of the SE ,,Register”.

Following the investigations and prosecution actions taken by law enforcement authorities, the man was caught red-handed after receiving 450 euros, passed under the control of NAC officers.

The man was detained for a period of 72 hours, with the status of suspect. If found guilty, he risks imprisonment from 2 to 6 years or a fine of 3,000 to 4,000 conventional units.

A criminal case was initiated in regard to this event for traffic of influence. The performance of the criminal investigations is managed by the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office.

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