This morning the National Anticorruption Center conducted searches in the capital's City Hall. The searches are a part of the criminal case of corruption in which the officials from the City Hall and a number of intermediaries figure as suspects. The employees of NAC together with prosecutors raided the offices of vice-mayor Vlad Colet and deputy chief architect of the capital Radu Blaj. NAC also made checks in the homes and cars of the suspects. 

"Today we conducted 12 searches in homes, cars and workplaces of officials that are suspected of corruption in 10 criminal cases of bribery, abuse of power and forgery. The crimes consist of the fact that officials accelerated the process of obtaining documents for the privatization of a number of non-residential buildings, changed the status of real estate and took decisions about privatization in favor of certain persons ", said the head of the NAC department of criminal prosecution Bogdan Zumbryanu.

A few minutes earlier, in the press conference he announced that Vlad Colet and Radu Blaj were detained for 72 hours as accused persons in the case of corruption at City Hall. Shortly after the detention Vlad Colet felt bad and called ambulance. If doctors decide that he needs medical care, he will be moved to the hospital at the penitenciary of NAC.

According to the deputy mayor Nistor Grozavu, the officials will be removed from office for the entire duration of the criminal investigation, if the police finds evidence of their guilt.

As a result of the searches NAC officers detained two intermediaries involved in corruption schemes and the chief inspector of the State Inspectorate for Construction.

Zumbryanu noted there figure bribes, some of which reached 12 000 euro in the case and added that today's searches were carried out in the framework of the criminal case over corruption, commenced earlier this year.

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