After the lawyer of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat Igor Popa told about 14 defense witnesses, it was found that none of persons from the list didn't appear to confirm the presence at the trial. Who are those 14 witnesses read in the articles of Crime Moldova "The list of witnesses of Vlad Filat. Filat hopes that the former and current Ministers will defend him in the court" and "The list of witnesses of Vlad Filat. Chiefs, councilors and deputy ministers".

The prosecutors allege that in this way the lawyer deliberately delays the process. Adriana Betishor announced that she has serious doubts about the witnesses, which are to defend Vlad Filat: "You know that the defense presented a list of 14 people who should appear at the trial. However, without giving any reason the lawer of Vlad Filat said he could not ensure their appearance and came out with a proposal to bring them to court by force, that seemed very strange to me. How can I force the person to come to court and testify in your favor? As for us, we presented all the documents relating to the charges: the statements of prosecution witnesses, evidence, records, everything  has been for a long time lying on the table the judge".

The lawyer of Vlad Filat confirmed the statement of the prosecutor and said that he had filed a petition for the court to force the attendance of defence witnesses, so that at the next meeting the judges should give the exact answer, whether they make it or not.

"Unfortunately, in the framework of the case none of the defence witnesses has presented at the court. It is necessary to take into account that according to the law the witnesses must announce whether they will come to the court or not "– said Igor Popa.

Due to the absence of witnesses yesterday's court session was postponed. The proceedings were repeatedly delayed over the past few weeks.

The former prime minister was detained on October, 15 and soon was arrested. In late December a part of the materials of the case was transferred to the court, and in early January the term of arrest of the former prime minister was extended for another 90 days.

Vlad Filat is accused of traffic of influence and passive corruption. According to the businessman Ilan Shor, the politician received from him a bribe of $ 250 mln.

If Filat is found guilty, he faces up to 15 years in prison.
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