The Head of the Glodeni’s District Court previously accused of passive corruption was acquitted. He was investigated with the person who offered him bribe to escape the punishment. Instead of punishment, they both were acquitted. The Grigoriopol’s Court explained that decision by the fact that the actions of the defendants cannot be punished by prosecutors – it’s not their field of activity.

The court also ordered to refund all the money that was confiscated during the searches at the Head’s office: 4980 euros, 200 dollars and 10 500 lei.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office demanded 8 years of imprisonment for the defendants. The anticorruption prosecutors consider that the acquittal was illegal. They have already announced that they would appeal the acquittal decision.

In April 2014, the magistrate was caught red-handed by the anticorruption prosecutors and the officers of the Glodeni’s NAC immediately after receiving a bribe about 10 thousand lei from a defendant. In exchange for money, the judge had to make the Court’s decision in favor of person who offered money, accused of a traffic accident while intoxicated with alcohol.

Initially, both suspects were detained for 72 hours and after that the court ordered to free them.

At the request of the Prosecutor General in April 2014, the magistrate was suspended.

In the past three years 10 judges were caught with bribes

In the 2013-2016 period, the anticorruption prosecutors documented corruptible actions of 10 magistrates from Orhei, Riscani, Vulcanesti, Telenesti, Cauşeni, Criuleni, Glodeni and at the Court of Appeals of the Buiucani district in Chisinau. The prosecutors have brought to justice 7 of them, and 2 of them have already been sentenced.

Recently, the Supreme Court issued a decision of acquittal on the case of former prosecutor from the Prosecutors’ Office of the Floresti district, who was suspected of passive corruption.


That criminal case was initiated by the order of the Prosecutor General after a complaint of a trainee lawyer. According to him, the prosecutor extorted 8 thousand lei for not to open the criminal prosecution of trainee lawyer’s illegal participation in the criminal proceeding and against the Union of Lawyers. The prosecutor was arrested red-handed immediately after receiving money.

The former prosecutor was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment, a fine of 20 thousand lei and deprivation to be an official for three years.

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