The judge of the district Straseni runs a risk to get 7 years in prison. He is accused of adopting illegal regulations that allow some individuals to receive a certificate of civil status for submission documents to the nationality of Moldova and Romania.

According to the Prosecutor's general office, in October 2012, based on uncertified copies the judge accepted the documents of 11 citizens of Russia and Ukraine and stated the fact of birth and marriage of their deceased relatives on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The decisions were taken with gross violations of the law, namely, without verification of the submitted documents with the data of the civil registry office.

Later, in 2014, the Chisinau Court of Appeal annulled the all decisions of the judge.

The criminal case was completed and sent to the court instances. The accused faces from 3 to 7 years in prison and a ban to hold positions in the country's judicial system up to 5 years.


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