The judge from the Court of Drochia city demanded more than seven thousand euro for the decision in favor of the plaintiff. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office sent a criminal case over the fact of passive corruption to the court. 

The criminal proceedings were initiated by the Prosecutor General on February, 15, 2016 on the basis of a complaint filed by the plaintiff – a citizen of Moldova, living in Italy, which said about the illegal actions of the judge.

In April 2010 the judge told the woman that he would help her to seize the house from the former roommate and intended to discuss the details later. At that time he received from the woman 200 euros per consultation.

At the next meeting the judge told her that for 6200 euro the court would take a decision in favor of the plaintiff. In April 2014 the woman transferred money from Italy to the judge, which withdrew it from the bank account.

Later he stated that the transferred money is not enough to resolve the matter in favor of the complainant and received from a woman 1000 euros. 

At the same time the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office launched special investigative measures on the basis of the recorded conversation between the judge and the plaintiff. During the conversation he confirmed the receipt of the sums in exchange for a favorable sentence.

At the present time the judge can't leave the city. If he is found guilty, he faces up to 15 years of imprisonment, a fine of up to 200 thousand lei with a deprivation of a right to hold public offices for 15 years.

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