A Mayor of Racovats village was condemned for forgery of documents, abuse and excess of power.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Soroca district reported that in 2012 the mayor, being also o chairman of a commission for tender process, put a sign in a document instead of another member of commission absent that day. So, he forged a document, according to which his nephew won the tender and received 20 ha of terrain. Thus the mayor did not declare the conflict of interests.

The tender process was organized with flagrant legislative violations. The Territorial Office of the State Chancellery found out that there weren’t presented the necessary documents.

The tender results were cancelled in 2014 and the mayor was condemned for 2 years of prison, the sentence suspended and was banned for possessing a public office for 2 years too.

The prosecutors are sure that the sentence is too soft and are look forward to contesting it. 

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