The administration of Chişinău city hall refuses to comment on the accusations made by the deputy mayor Vlad Coteţ, who is accused of corruption and who claims that the current mayor Dorin Chirtoacă together with the first deputy mayor Nistor Grozavu, are getting “great” commissions  from public auctions.

Vadim Brînzaniuc, the press officer of the Chişinău City Hall, stated for CrimeMoldova that the Mayor Chirtoacă will not come up with any response to the accusations of Coteţ. Brînzaniuc said “The City Hall will not make any comments on that. There are law enforcement agencies that can verify the information. Also, the law enforcement agencies are the ones that will determine whether Coteţ is guilty or not.”

Contacted by CrimeMoldova, Nistor Grozavu, who was also mentioned in Coteţ’s accusations, did not want to comment on “Coteţ’s aberrations”. Grozavu vindicated himself saying “How can one take money from the EBRD? Not me nor Chirtoacă holds the auctions. The auctions are organized directions. For example, in land auctions, half of the board members are municipal councilors. Probably, Coteţ said that out of desperation.”

Please note that the deputy mayor Vlad Coteţ is currently under house arrest for corruption, and made some “interesting” statements about the City Hall’s affairs in a video recording made by reporters of CrimeMoldova with hidden camera.

The statements were made through the gate of his luxury house, located in the town of Dumbrava, where other former and current officials built their luxury houses.

Thus, during the recording Coteț suggested that Dorin Chirtoacă together with Nistor Grozavu would deal with fraudulent schemes in exchange for good cash: “… they are making some “mad” money, and I wasn’t even involved in any of the tenders or commissions. They trapped me.” The deputy mayor also suggested the Chirtoacă and Grozavu "deal with" authorized bodies.

Coteț also said “now I know for sure that I will loose my job, my salary and everything, this is so unfair” and that there are just “digging” things about him, even though he was caught on camera by the National Anticorruption Council, while being bribed for signing construction authorization documents. 

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