An economic agent from the Republic of Moldova has been sanctioned for contravention of labor law and payment of salary without reflecting it in the accounting records. For the illegalities detected by the Fiscal Service, the agent will pay a fine of 50,000 lei, which is a first for our country.

The illegality was registered by FISC in April of this year, and the fine was applied by the court on the basis of a recent ruling. The agent was also summoned to pay unpaid taxes and duties.

The FISC established that the agent used salary envelope schemes.

According to the Fiscal Service, several violations of labor law legislation have been established since the beginning of this year (diminishing the payroll fund, income tax, social security contributions and mandatory health insurance premiums). As a result, 116 decisions were taken on cases of breach of legislation, with additional taxes, fees and other payments in the total amount of 8.88 million lei.

At the same time, as a result of the specialized actions, 126 people were identified, who are working "under table" and receive wages "in envelopes".

For practicing illicit entrepreneurial activity, FISC has drawn up 4,929 minutes offenses at the beginning of this year and applied sanctions amounting to 6.7 million lei.

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