An investigator and two accomplices are accused of passive corruption.

Persons that couldn’t require official acts and were looking for a way to get biometrical passports asked the help  of the detainees. The two intermediaries promised to delete that person’s data from the Central bank of data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and perform biometrical passports in exchange of 1500 euro.

There is information that the intermediaries earlier got 2100 euro for the same problem.

At the end of March the employees of the police inspectorate of the district Rishkani in Chishinau detained for 72 hours the persons that needed passports and initiated a criminal case.

Later the investigator from the abovementioned police inspectorate, a relative of one of intermediaries, said that persons that he could involve in the criminal case and help them to escape prison in exchange of 2000 euro.

The concubine of the arrested person gave the bribe and after that the officers of Department  for Combating Corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with the anticorruption prosecutors held 5 checks in the offices, vehicles and houses of the suspects and detected a part of the bribe.

The accused are detained for 72 hours and placed in the pretrial detention center.

If they are found guilty they risk an imprisonment from 7 to 10 years and a fine up to 160 thousand lei as well as a ban to hold some positions from 7 to 10 years.

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