Buiucani Court decides today on applying arrest warrants on behalf of judges and bailiffs detained two days ago.

Thus, the former judge of the Court Râşcani, Iurie Turcan has already received an arrest mandate for 30 days. His lawyer said he would appeal the decision. Turcan has pleaded not guilty.

Judge Gennady Bîrnaz, magistrate in the Rascani District Court, was not presented at the meeting, saying he did not want to attend the meeting. According to the lawyer, just like Turcan, Bîrnaz pleaded not guilty. The court decided for a preventive arrest for 30 days for Birnaz. The decision is entitled to appeal and the lawyer decided that he will appeal.

Another judge has received an arrest warrant for 30 days. It's Sergei Lebediuc from the Military Court. He also pleads not guilty.

The Comrat Appeal Court President Sergei Gubenco will also stay in custody for the next 30 days.

Iurie Hirbu within the Telenesti Court is the 5th judge who has received today an arrest for 30 days. The decision will be appealed. Hirbu also pleads not guilty.

According to Unimedia, the press service of NAC said that so far 9 judges and a bailiffs received arrest warrants for 30 days,.

The 10th arrest warrant for 30 days was pronounced on Gheorghe Gorun, former judge of the Rascani District Court of the capital. The decision was given in the absence of Gorun, and his lawyer said he would appeal.

Valeriu Gasca is the 11th judge against whom the arrest warrant was issued for the same term. He is a judge in the Rascani District Court

DeschideMD writes that all three bailiffs detained two days ago, have received arrest warrants for 30 days.

The portal also says that in total, today, 12 Judges received arrest warrants for 30 days and as for other three judges, the Court of Buiucani will decide tomorrow when the deadline of 72 hours for which they were detained, ends.

According to ZDG, searches of one of the magistrates detained two days ago, were approved only today.

The cases were examined by judges Victor Răţoi, called the service judge of NAC, Ghenadie Pavliuc and Mihai Diaconu.

Most judges detained refused to be present at today's hearing and remained in isolation.

During today's hearing, some of the judges detained by NAC requested adjournment of the trial. Judges examining cases admitted four steps of this kind.

One of the judges examining the causes, Victor Răţoi refused several times to provide media access to the delivery of decisions, although the law expressly provides for this right. At the insistence of reporters, they were nevertheless admitted to pronouncements.

Moreover, Răţoi was caught talking on the phone during the deliberations, there are suspicions that he consulted with someone for the decisions. Also, he has been transmitted a folder with documents.

There are suspicions that Răţoi consciously admitted these violations of procedure, so later the decisions can be challenged.

We remind that magistrates detained are suspected of complicity in money laundering in large proportions, being involved in the laundering scheme of USD 20 billion coming from the Russian Federation through Moldindconbank.

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