Although there is a month before the referendum on Chirtoaca's dismissal, the mayor will spend this period under house arrest. The magistrates of the Buiucani District Court of Chisinau extended his arrest warrant for another 30 days. The suspended mayor claims the decision of the judges is absurd, especially since the arrest was prolonged until November 11, while the referendum on his dismissal is scheduled for 19 November.

"As far as we can see, strange things are happening. It's an absurd decision. Either the criminal process is under way and there is no referendum, or vice versa. This is clearly provided by the law. Today's decision is absurd and it is thus violating the articles of the ECHR Convention. I have the impression that there is a competition going on," Chirtoaca said.

The mayor’s lawyer also said she remained speechless, hearing the judges' decision, which is illegal and incorrect. Moreover, the defender said she would challenge the preventive measure and indicate all the violations committed.

As for the situation with the referendum, the city mayor believes that people have already drawn the necessary conclusions and that this is a fad of Igor Dodon and of the Socialist Party. Additionally, Chirtoaca mentioned that this "fad" would cost the city budget 10 million lei.

"Asking people to come to the referendum means indulging into stupidity, inspired by the politicians, who don’t have any contact with the reality and who find themselves in Putin's arms rather than in those of their own people," Chirtoaca added.

"It would have been right to be free, at least, to be able to provide arguments and demonstrate what I did in 10 years’ time," he said.

We remind you that Dorin Chirtoaca is investigated under home arrest in the paid parking case, being accused of influence peddling. Additionally, the court is investigating a case of overcoming his service duties.

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