A counselor from the Probation Bureau of Dubasari, was detained by IPAS officers = and anticorruption prosecutors jointly with NAC officers, when he received a bribe of EUR 200.

 Public relations service of the IPAS informs that according to the denouncer, counselor and chief of the Probation Bureau would have claimed the amount mentioned above, to allow him to leave the Republic of Moldova for a period of three months without being subject to monthly verification. He had previously been paroled before serving the penalty for a period of 3 years, what sentence was imposed for the commission of a robbery.

 Therefore were conducted special investigative measures, the counselor was arrested red-handed yesterday around 13:15 in his office, while receiving the extorted money.

 There was initiated a criminal case according to indexes of offense provided by art. 324 par. (2) (B) the Criminal Code (passive corruption).

 At the moment, the probation officer and his chief are investigated in freedom, the two concluding an agreement to take the guilt.

 For such a crime, the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova provides punishment with imprisonment up to 10 years with a fine in the amount of 8.000 conventional units with the deprivation of the right to occupy certain public functions or exercise certain activities for a period of 7 to 10 years.

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