The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) came with a message defending the independence of the judiciary system, following the statements made by the former Prosecutor General, Valeriu Gurbulea, in an interview for

The former prosecutor said in the interview that of all the state institutions of our country, the judiciary system is the most corrupt. According to him, the average bribe that a judge in Moldova takes to "solve" a case in court is equivalent to his annual salary.

"Judging by the "charges" in the judiciary system, a magistrate can ensure a “peaceful old age" for himself solving" two-three cases. The temptation is great and even greater is the number of requests to solve this or that problem in court. I am far from thinking that all judges are corrupt, but I sincerely believe that the judiciary is one of the most corrupt systems in Moldova," Valeriu Gurbulea said, quoted by

The CSM considered these statements are likely to produce a negative impact on the credibility of the Moldovan judicial system, having a consequent effect on the independence and impartiality of the judiciary. According to the institution, in the interview, Gurbulea did not  mentioned evidence of any specific corrupt judge, but just general data and assumptions, which does not inspire credibility.

In this context, the CSM urged the civil society to inform the judicial inspection of judges, who display professional negligence.

Valeriu Gurbulea held the position of Prosecutor General in the period of February 2007 - October 2010. 

Marian Lupu, the then Speaker of the Parliament, proposed Gurbulea’s candidacy.

Before becoming Prosecutor General, Gurbulea was first Deputy Prosecutor General, and previously he had worked as secretary of the Supreme Security Council. 

According to some sources, Gurbulea is a good friend of the current Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen, as well as of Nicolae Chitoroaga, now head of the Prosecution to combat organized crime and special cases.

Recently, Gurbulea’s name appeared on the list of officials "paid by Plahotniuc", made public in September 2016. He allegedly received 20 thousand dollars for a house in Telecenter District of Chisinau. Gurbulea refused to comment on his appearance on that list.


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