An employee of the Molovata Customs Post has been suspended from office for having recorded fictitious crossings of two cars registered in the UK.

The customs officer has registered an alleged crossing of two vehicles, indicating in the information system the code of another customs point, located at the administrative border with the Transnistrian region. According to a press release of the Customs Service, it was established that the vehicles concerned did not cross the Dniester River to the Transnistrian region. The inconsistency was detected due to the fact that the heading "time of registration" in the information system indicated 22:05, while the ferry timetable - 07:15 - 20: 00. The video surveillance cameras at the Molovata Customs Point did not register the crossing of the cars either.

In order to investigate the case, the Customs Service management initiated an official inquiry in the incident and the suspension of the customs officer during the investigations. Moreover, his service certificate and personal stamp will be withdrawn, and he will be denied access to the Customs information systems.

The materials on this case were referred to the competent authorities, and the customs officer risks criminal liability.

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