Buiucani Court magistrates decided to remand the application of mandates for 30 days arrest warrants, on 15 judges and three court officers detained two days ago.

The list of the 12 judges on which the measures will be applied, has names like: former judge of the Court Râşcani Iurie Turcan, judge Ghenadie Bîrnaz, Judge at Rascani District Court, Sergei Lebediuc the Military Court, Chief of the Appeal Court Sergei Gubenco, Iurie Hirbu within Telenesti Court, former judge of the Rascani District court, Gheorghe Gorun and Gasca Valeriu judge in the same court and Sergei Popovici, Comrat District court magistrate. Name the other judges for whom the arrest warrant was applied, are not yet known.

However, according to NAC on behalf of the 16th judge - Victor Orândaş and a bailiff were issued ordinance of international search. There is information according to which Orândaş would be in the US.

Most magistrates were not presented at the hearing, except Iurie Turcan.

Also, according to lawyers, most magistrates arrested pleaded not guilty and the decisions regarding their arrest will be appealed.

According to ZDG, the searching of one of the magistrates detained two days ago, was approved only today.

Decisions were handed down by court judges from Buiucani: Victor Răţoi, also called the service judge of NAC, Gennady Pavliuc and Mihai Diaconu.

We remind that magistrates detained are suspected of complicity in money laundering in large proportions, being involved in laundering scheme of 20 billion dollars coming from the Russian Federation through Moldindconbank.

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