Buiucani District Court made public the reasoned judgement in the case of attempted corruption of several MPs from the former ruling alliance.

The court sentenced Vitalie Burlacu to 11 years and six months of imprisonment and a fine of 160 thousand, while Irina Baglai, also indicted in the same case, received two years of probation. Prosecutors sought sentences of 12 and 6 years of imprisonment. The two staged corrupting seven deputies from the faction of the Liberal Reformist Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.

The court refers only to three deputies, adding that two of them are from the LDP, and one from LRP. The names of the lawmakers are hatched. According to the judgment, Burlacu "acting jointly with persons, unidentified by the prosecuting authority, intended to give to a mediator with public dignity funds in especially large proportions that  the person is not entitled to, to perform actions according to his function or contrary to it."

The document mentions several times that Vitalie Burlacu acted on demand "of a group of people, interested in the establishment of control mechanisms over the parliament of Moldova, especially, in the corruption of deputies and their determination to promote the interests of the group of people, they represent." This was the message the defendant had conveyed to the former vice minister of Internal Affairs Genadie Cosovan, who is a witness in the case, anticoruptie.md communicates.

As described in the judgment, Cosovan had two meetings with Burlacu. The latter approached the former vice minister, as they had been colleagues and he knew Genadie Cosovan was on good terms  with a deputy from LRR. Burlacu proposed him 250 thousand dollars to bribe the deputy, while the former vice minister had to get another 50 thousand dollars. Moreover, the accused promised Cosovan a monthly payment of $ 5,000, until he was appointed to an important position within NAC, MIA or ISS. Of the $ 5,000, Cosovan had to submit to another person $ 2,000 monthly. The former vice minister said in court that this condition made him believe that there was another intermediary in the scheme.

Cosovan decided to seek legal institutions after one of the discussions he had with Burlacu, when the latter revealed that "his friends in Russia" told him "something similar to Ukraine will happen in Moldova by May 2014". Burlacu had written on a sheet of paper the name of someone, whom the former vice minister said he had never heard of. The defendant said that this person was someone close to a person in Moscow, whose name is hatched in the judgment of the court. Vitalie Burlacu presented the scenario as a draft of parliament dissolution. The money was allegedly provided by the Russian Embassy in Chisinau. After the dissolution of the Parliament, a new government had to be appointed, according to the same source.

It should be noted that the sentence was pronounced in Vitalie Burlacu’s, alias "Vitas" absence. According to the prosecutors, there is a reasonable suspicion that he is hiding in the Transnistrian region. A procedure of international search was initiated against him.

Recall that the former police officer, Vitalie Burlacu, and the model Irina Baglai, defendants in this case, were detained on 7 March 2014, trying to transmit 250 thousand dollars to a deputy to leave his faction. The two of them were arrested and the warrants, issued into their names have been extended several times. Baglai had been in the isolation ward of the NAC until 29 December 2014, while Burlacu was later released from preventive arrest.

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