Eleven customs officers, of the 14 detained after the raids, carried out on Tuesday at Sculeni Customs have received warrants of arrest for 20 - 25 days. In the same case, two persons have been released, and one person is investigated at large, agreeing to cooperate with the investigation.

The decisions were taken yesterday, December 15, by the magistrates of Buiucani District Court.

Recall that 18 searches were carried out on Tuesday as part of a corruption case on illegal acts of some customs officers, initiated in late October. Following the searches, 14 people were detained, including, the head of Ungheni Customs Office, his deputy, the head of customs post, three heads of shifts and nine customs officials.

Customs officers detained are charged with extorting money (50 to 200 euros) from citizens crossing the state border, not to perform checks of goods.

The Customs Service took notice of the case and ordered an internal investigation.

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