A man from Balti, employee of the National Patrol Inspectorate, was arrested by the GTD officers of the NAC and anticorruption prosecutors, being suspected of traffic of influence.

According to the informer, the policeman had demanded and received 450 euros, claiming that he has influence over some employees from the Transport Registration Department and Drivers Qualification from Balti, to support unhindered theoretical and practical examination and subsequent release of the driving license.

Following the criminal investigation, the suspect was detained for 72 hours. The application of preventive measures are still to be decided on this matter.

A criminal investigation was initiated on this case, for traffic of influence.

If found guilty, the man faces a sentence of imprisonment of up to 6 years or a fine of up to 80 000 lei.

We would like to note that 2 days ago, a policeman of the National Inspectorate of Investigation, was also arrested for traffic of influence, after allegedly demanding and receiving 550 euros. And in this case the bribe was claimed to facilitate the process of obtaining the driver’s license.

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