Five residents of the Criuleni district will pay fines of 10000 lei each, for corrupting the voters in the 2015 local election.

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, on the 27th and 28th of June, 2015, during the second round of the local election, the defendants offered money to several residents of Cimiseni village (from 50 to 100 lei each) as well as bottles of alcoholic beverages. These statements were established both, during the criminal investigation and the court hearing.

In exchange for these amounts, the villagers were persuaded to vote for a particular candidate in the election of the Mayor, which they did, since the same candidate won the local election from Cimiseni.

According to Ziarul de Garda, the Democrat Party’s candidate Valentina Pisarenco won in the second round of local election from Cimiseni. She has beat her independent rival Gennady Rabei by gaining 50.82 percent of votes.

Rabei then posted the following message on a social network:


“The Democrat Party local counselor Railean Angela, from Cimiseni village, Criuleni district,  was arrested today in the Chisinau airport, after a a period of time being out of the country and trying to escape criminal investigation. She was accused in a criminal case of bribing the voters in the 2015 local election, which caused dissatisfaction of the residents. There is one more criminal file regarding the local election from Cimiseni, Criuleni district, on fraud and forging signatures by the member of Electoral Commission, which were the supporters and subordinates of the current Mayor. “

The case was also mentioned in a report of the Promolex Association regading the local election from the 14th (28th ) of June, 2015.  The report stated the brother of one of the candidates, offered cigarettes and refreshments to voters at polling station nr 12 from Cimiseni, Criuleni district. The report referred to the first round of election.

The defendants did not plead guilty in committing the offense. The sentence is open for appeal.

Please note that at the first sitting of the Parliament during the fall meetings, the Democrat Party deputies proposed to amend the Criminal Code stipulations, according to which, bribing the voters should be punished not only during the local, parliamentary elections or referendum, but also in the presidential elections.

The new project stipulates that not only those offering the bribe will be punished but also those accepting the gifts will be held accountable. However, the project was voted by only 39 deputies from 101. 

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